WingWoman: what it is, how to become one

The Wingwoman is an "Image Hostess" who turns her free time into money. Do you have what it takes to be a successful wingwoman? Learn all about this new way to earn money.


The term WingWoman is still little known in Italy, yet it is a term that outlines a profession that is much sought after in England and the States.

And if it is true that the trends that are born in the U.S. then successfully spread to Italy, I suggest you get well informed about:

  • what is a WingWoman
  • how to become WingWoman
  • how much does a WingWoman earn

Why inquire?

Well simple, becauseit could turn your life around.

What is a WingWoman and what services are offered.

Literally WingWoman means ‘Wing Woman’. Initially, hers was a supportive role for the man to help him socialize with other women. How? Following the principle of ‘woman calling woman’, many men believe that it is easier to approach the desired girl or, more generally, to get to know new women, if accompanied by a fascinating creature like the Wing Woman to act as a ‘track opener’. In other cases you contact a Wingwoman simply for the pleasure of having a beautiful girl to take to a restaurant, or to a party, a role very close to the image girl, but less static and banal.

Today the meaning, as well as the ‘tasks’ of a WingWoman, have expanded.

Let’s make it clear: sex is not part of the services provided by this type of Hostess. The Wing Woman, or WingWoman, makes her time and image available, for a hefty fee, but her body is not included in the price. Nobody can exclude that between adult people, a certain feeling can be triggered, as it happens in everyday life and in other working contexts, but this does not make WingWoman an Escort. In fact, it’s the exception that proves the rule!

WingWomen travel on other levels. Sex as an end in itself, trivially today is found everywhere,a service such as WING, however, is a niche for more refined men, far from the ‘dead-sex’ that attend the various sites of Escort.

By now it is clear that a Wing Woman primarily plays the role of support and companion for men.

Here are some of the services offered:

  • hostesses for dinners
  • girl image
  • companion for events, fairs, parties, trips etc.
  • personal shopper
  • role-playing games
  • Fake girlfriend to make you jealous/reconquer or just attend events or parties
  • Evenings or trips with detailed photo shoots to show off on your social networks to get the attention of whoever you want

How does one become a WingWoman?

Here are the most important characteristics that this professional must have.

Physical appearance

Physical appearance is important. It’s the first impression we make of ourselves, so every little detail must be taken care of. Shapely body and interesting face are the basis of the first impact. Hair, make-up, manicure and pedicure, hair removal. Everything has to be right for your style but never unkempt! A WingWoman is a classy, yet understated woman, so a chic style without excess is ideal.

Clothing should also always be appropriate for the situation in which you find yourself.

In short, if you know how to attract attention without lapsing into bad taste, you already have the most important requirement.


That is, knowing how to behave appropriately under the circumstances; being personable and having a strong public relations bent, that’s what it takes.

A beautiful body without a functioning head goes nowhere.

The perfect Wing Woman is an intelligent person who stays informed about current events, general culture, and fashion. You certainly don’t need a degree, but know that knowing how to converse and entertain is just as valuable in this business as a pretty face or a sculpted body.

Talkative, ironic and always ready with a smile Are the best accessories you can wear. But be warned: a Wingwoman must be able to speak without becoming long-winded. No one likes to be hit with rivers of words, self-centered and self-referential speeches. Especially if the person in front of us is paying for our company.


You can keep a conversation going and you’re just as funny as you need to be, but what will make you special is this: can you listen?

An old saying goes, ‘He who knows how to listen owns not only his own brain, but also the brains of others.’

Knowing how to listen is therefore essential for a WingWoman and you will need to measure yourself against this skill often. Listening without distraction, without inappropriate interruptions, allows you to build trust with those who have invested in you. Create an empathetic connection with the client who sees you as a confidant for advice or a friend to share a piece of everyday life.


Whether your time is rented to attend a party, a private dinner or a corporate conference, the watchword is: discretion.

Confidentiality is a must, gossiping about the VIP you saw at such a party or what a client revealed to you at a dinner party turns you from WingWoman to… laundress. And no one pays to date an unreliable woman.

How to protect yourself

Being a Wingwoman is not a dangerous job, but a few tricks will help you stay safe and avoid getting ripped off. All it takes is a little common sense.

New customers are better to meet them directly at the restaurant or at the place provided for the requested Hostess service. Don’t be picked up at home on the first meeting, get to the meeting place by your own means, at least until you get to know the person better.

If travel is required, always get at least your travel expenses paid in advance. There’s no shame in asking for money up front and, most importantly, no qualms about refusing work if the client doesn’t want to advance you the costs. Many clients don’t want to send money because you might cash out and disappear. Advise them to pay for your train ticket by credit card, (online or at the station) so you see the good intentions and he is protected because you can’t get a refund in cash, in fact if the ticket payment is made by credit card, any refund requested will be credited back to the card that made the payment.

If a new client asks to be accompanied on a trip of a few days, the advice is always to get to know them better before making any onerous commitments, perhaps arranging some dinner outings with them.

How much does a WingWoman earn

Each girl independently determines the value of her time.

Consider that the clients of Wing Women are mostly successful men, entrepreneurs, businessmen, generally very busy who prefer to pay for the company of a beautiful and intelligent girl, rather than wasting time in clubs looking for a suitable one.

From our internal survey it has emerged that this kind of men knows how much the ‘time’ is worth and recognizes it rather generously. We have discovered in fact that the minimum hourly rate required by our Hostesses is 50-70€ per hour for services like Hostess for dinner.

All travel, food and lodging expenses are to be considered separately.

It is understood that every situation is a se, a Hostess can therefore decide to meet a customer without asking for any compensation, maybe just to know him, as she could instead apply rates much higher than those indicated, or different rates from subject to subject at her sole discretion.

Now you know what a WingWoman does and how much she makes. A modern profession that has changed the lives of many girls for the better.

Advantages of the WingWoman profession

  • Choose which clients to work with and when. Free management of your time and choice of clients, are the advantages that, along with the lavish earnings, this profession offers.
  • You can decide whether to do some service part time or devote yourself to it full time. Clearly, the more you work, the more you earn, but that decision is entirely up to you.
  • You decide how far you want to go with regard to roles and tasks. Clients might ask you for a simple dinner presence in your city, or a role 1,000 miles from your home for several days.
  • Earnings are high. You’ll be dealing with categories of customers who are accustomed to spending, men who have high lifestyles and are willing to place a lot of value on the time you give them.
  • This job gives you the opportunity to meet men of high socio-economic profile, important contacts that could come in handy in your life and that you would hardly have met in other contexts.

Do you think you have what it takes to start this professional adventure?

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